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Thank you for visiting our site, if you click on our page links you will get a good idea of what our operation is like.  Some of you remember us a Cracker Jack Ranch and  We were originally in Sacramento California. We moved to Sprague River, Oregon in 2003 and brought many of our horses with us.  

We have many of the old foundation bloodlines along with many of the newer generation bloodlines that are popular with ranchers, cutters, and reiners.  We are proud of our bloodlines and the temperament that we breed into our offspring.  We have been breeding for color for many years without sacrificing ability and disposition.  After you review our site and you would like more information select "Contact Us" and email, or call us for more information or your comments.  The following pages will give you the reason for our change and our brand still being "CJR".  Enjoy and come visit when you are in the area.

Cracker Jack Ranch over looking the meadow

In case you are curious as to why we named the ranch Cracker Jack, to make a long story wife's (also my partner) first dog was named Cracker Jack.  She was a real "humdinger," a real working cow dog.  In other words, a real "cracker jack."  When we took over her parent's ranch that she grew up on, she wanted to change the name to something that was hers.  Cracker Jack was a very outstanding and special dog to her, so that is how it happened.


Cracker Jack,  she was a "humdinger" of a dog!Cracker Jack

If you're looking for that special place to ride your horse and spend some quiet time, we have a "Bed and Barn" with almost a million acres of National Forest to ride in.  We are located about 40 miles northeast of Klamath Falls, Oregon at 3800' between the high desert and the pines.  The nights are cool and the days are moderate most of the summer.  Take a trip through our site and contact us for more information. 

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy life and have a safe journey!

Lew and Jeanee Conner


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