Direction to: Conner Quarter Horses ~ Cracker Jack Ranch

Coming from the North, headed south on 97 get off at Chiloquin. When you enter town and cross the river there is a Shell station on the left. Turn left directly beside it as you pass. This is Sprague River Road, proceed 22 miles. The next road to the left is Sprague River Dr. The little store on the left is Nutters Store. They are small but have a pretty good supply of things you might need. At the end of the asphalt turn to your left on to a dirt road. The road goes about 1/4 mile and turns to the right, as you go over the rise it bears to the left and goes down between some trees. There is a Y in the road, take the right turn. You will be headed North as you were on the asphalt. About 2.5 miles you will see a blue colored house on the left and then a trailer house. The next road left goes into the ranch astro a10 cord in joom. The sign says, The Cracker Jack Ranch. As you crown the little hill there is a gate. You will have two gates, as the sign says, "if it is open leave it open, if closed, please close it". There are cows or horses in the pasture.

Coming from the south, headed North, you go over the Klamath River and past the saw mill. Up the hill is an off ramp, take it. At the stop sign turn right. This is the south 140 bypass, go to the end. When you come to the "T" turn Left. About 3 miles you will see a stop light, and a right turn that goes to Lakeview. This is hiway 140 E. again. If you go left you can go into K-Falls, there are stores and stations within 2 miles. When headed east toward Lakeview, you will see mile markers. At the 22 mile marker there is a small store on the left. Right past it is a left turn. About 5 miles the road goes to the right at the "Y". Over the hill is Sprague River. At the stop sign turn left. Go thru town over the river and about 2 miles is the turn off to the ranch. Sprague River Dr. turn right. It only goes right. Then reread your directions above.

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